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DVTCH 3-Pack 10ml

3 x 10ML combined in an awesome package. Available in 0/3/6MG.

TPD2 Complaint for: UK, Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Megan - 10ML 3-Pack

Chloe - 10ML 3-Pack

Scarlett - 10ML 3-Pack

Space Cake - 10ML 3-Pack

Red Light Distr. - 10ML 3-Pack

Tom Pouce - 10ML 3 Pack

DVTCH 50ML Mix Series

Mix Shake ‘N Vape - 50ML 0MG in a 60ML Chubby Gorilla. Higher concentrated flavoring, to be used with booster only!

50ML - Drop - MIX SERIES

50ML - Red Light District - MIX SERIES

50ML - Space Cake - MIX SERIES

50ML - Tom Pouce - MIX SERIES

50ML - Van Gogh - MIX SERIES

50ML - Chloe - MIX SERIES

50ML - Megan - MIX SERIES

50ML - Scarlett - MIX SERIES


60ML Chubby Gorilla. Available in 0/3/6MG. NOT TPD2 Compliant!

60ML - Red Light District

60ML - Space Cake

60ML - Van Gogh

60ML - Tom Pouce

60ML - Drop

60ML - Megan

60ML - Chloe

60ML - Scarlett

DVTCH 10ml

Drop - 10ml

Red Light District - 10ml

Space Cake - 10ml

Tom Pouce - 10ml

Van Gogh - 10ml