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Megan (3x10ml) - 0MG


Megan - 10ML 3-Pack


Megan is the girl you’ve been looking for, for a long time. DVTCH nationality and personality, but Asian by origin. The best of both worlds. Her Asian roots gave her her natural sex appeal, her dark eyes and her perfect body but it is her DVTCH nationality that gives her a fun, elegant and easy-going personality. What a combination!

Age: 23

Nationality: DVTCH / Asian

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Semi-Long dark brown

Cup Size: 70C

Her favourite summer beverage: Mangosteen Chiller

  • Comes in a 3-Pack (3x10ML)
  • Available NOW for Pre-order
  • TPD2 Compliant for UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Shipping starts 2nd week of July 2017!