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Hardcorevapers Juicelab

Looking to produce e-liquid within the EU? We are here to help you. Our highly experienced juice brewers are available ensure your e-liquid will become TPD2/CLP/GHS certified and fully compliant. We operate a state of the art ISO-7 certified Cleanroom and a 1000m2 warehouse with a daily capacity of up to 15.000 bottles of e-liquid.

Juice lab

Since mid 2015 we have been working on a joint-venture with our partner Walker Trading Company, parent company of Charlie Noble, Vape Dojo and JMFD. The two companies’ combined organizational capabilities and co-branding deliver an unprecedented geographic reach for wholesale vape products, e-liquid manufacturing, and distribution. This is a giant leap forward for the vape community and industry.

“Many retail vapor outlets around the world deal with the logistical challenges of procuring inventory. In the past, this involved importing e-liquid and gear from overseas and from many different vendors. With this trans-Atlantic partnership, we will be able to locally offer EU retailers the e-liquids customers demand while ensuring that they are TPD2 compliant.


We have invested not only in a new state of the art ISO-7 Certified lab with qualified and seasoned e-liquid brewers, but even more so in a dedicated sales force. Hardcorevapers B.V. employs direct sales staff for all major European countries.

Aside from a sales force we also employ a team which is dedicated to study regulations both in Europe (TPD2) and the US (FDA). It is our mission to ensure your brand is represented professionally being that from sales to marketing and compliancy with regulations.


Become a reseller

Services we offer


Are you looking to have your own e-liquid brand? We can help you create your juice brand including custom branding, flavor profiles, menu cards and house styles. We can also develop and manufacture your e-liquid based on your recipe. Through an NDA you will have full confidentiality.


  • Develop flavor profiles
  • Develop flavorings
  • Adding PG/VG
  • Adding Pharma Grade Nicotine
  • Bottling
  • TPD2 complaint Labeling
  • TPD2 compliant e-liquid testing (to be paid by juice brand)
  • Distribution through our wholesale portal (optional)


Bottling / co-packing

When you prefer not to share your recipes you can send us premixed extracts of your flavors. We will add PG/VG and nicotine accordingly and apply TPD2 complaint labeling. (Any necessary changes to the label will be handled in conjunction).


  • Adding PG/VG
  • Adding Pharma Grade Nicotine
  • Bottling
  • TPD2 complaint Labeling
  • TPD2 compliant e-liquid testing
  • Distribution through our wholesale portal (optional)




Distribution is a leading global vape platform. We daily serve thousands of distributors, wholesalers, and vape shops who hold an account and are familiar with our customer service and premium shipping services.

We have a big track record with e-commerce and are fully focused on e-mail marketing, SEO and social media.

Distribution through Hardcorevapers is setup to feature your e-liquid brand on all our channels and offer shipping within 24-48 hours as its produced when ordered. Hot selling juices will be in stock and thus next day delivered.


Are you thinking of dedicated European marketing? Hardcorevapers has native speakers for all major European customers and one of the best Vape Photographers in the scene. We are fully loaded to boost your brand on Facebook and Instagram but also on all big European Vape Events. We will have your logo and your juice present for visitors to try and buy.

We will customize the go-to-market case by case and create a proposal based on your needs.